Authorities in South Wales have arrested 11 people amid allegations of match-fixing during a Welsh Premier League match earlier this year.

The allegations relate to a football match between Port Talbot Town FC and Rhyl FC on 9 April 2016.

Port Talbot lost 5-0 to Rhyl, a team which had already been relegated and had not won in 17 matches.

South Wales Police launched an investigation after receiving information from the Football Association of Wales and the Gambling Commission’s Sports Betting Intelligence Unit relating to betting patterns surrounding the match.

Seven men and three women were subsequently arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud as part of an ongoing investigation by the force’s Economic Crime Unit. An eleventh person was arrested later Wednesday.

Chief executive of the Football Association of Wales Jonathan Ford said: “These arrests are as result of a thorough process of evidence gathering and close co-operation between the FAW, South Wales Police and the Gambling Commission.

“The FAW remains committed to our Integrity Education Programme which began in 2014, as well as the monitoring and reporting systems we have in place which have contributed to these arrests.

“The FAW will not bring any sporting sanctions against any individuals while the police investigation is ongoing.”

Richard Watson, programme director of the Gambling Commission added: “The Gambling Commission Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU) provided information to South Wales Police concerning betting patterns seen on a Welsh Premier League fixture between Rhyl and Port Talbot Town.

“The SBIU will continue to support all sports governing bodies, law enforcement agencies, betting operators and other regulators in a collaborative effort to address issues of betting integrity.”