New Hampshire's Gaming Study Commission has released its final report on expanded gambling and its likely impact on the state, finding that the state would benefit by an estimated $89m per year from the opening of a gaming facility, despite social costs of $60m per year, while also creating over 2,000 new jobs for state residents.

In reaching its findings, the Commission said that it was driven more by long-term implications for the state and its citizens than by immediate fiscal and economic needs and other pressures, such as action by neighbouring Massachusetts or other states.

The Commission sought to consider the issue of expanded legalized gaming as a business case: expansion would generate fiscal and economic benefits to the state, but associated costs must also be weighed in order to produce a complete and accurate analysis.

The Commission also considered that the expansion of legalized gaming also had an effect on communities around new gaming facilities and the possible impact on the state€˜s image and its tourism brand.

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