The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has renewed its partnership with Crimestoppers as part of their ongoing strategy to combat corruption in sport.

The UKGC will continue to work with the independent crime-fighting charity to protect against match-fixing, money laundering and illegal gambling in sport.

Since August 2014, Crimestoppers has worked with UK police authorities and the UKGC’s Sports Betting Intelligence Unit to inform them of any reports from the public about gambling-related criminality or corruption.

“We’re delighted with this arrangement as it strengthens the collaboration between ourselves and law enforcement,” said Nick Tofiluk, director of regulation for the UKGC. “This agreement builds on the excellent relationship we already have with UK police forces and national law enforcement agencies.

“It also makes it clear that we take the threat of criminality and match fixing seriously.”

Tofiluk said that the UKGC already has its own confidential helpline to be used to report gambling-related crimes, but noted that a member of the public might not instantly think that they should report gambling crime to the commission.

“Having Crimestoppers pass on gambling–related offences to us, as well as the police, will help us tackle crime and corruption quickly and robustly,” he added.

Crimestoppers’ director of development Rodger Holden said: “Our ongoing partnership with the Gambling Commission is vitally important in tackling gambling related crime and ensuring the industry’s integrity it maintained.

“With our anonymous service, we encourage anyone with information on gambling criminality to contact us, safe in the knowledge their identity will never be revealed. I am pleased we are able to offer this service, and look forward to our ongoing work with the Commission.”


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