The German Olympic Federation (DOSB) has welcomed the decision to overhaul the State Treaty on Gambling, while calling on the government to ensure that sports governing bodies receive an appropriate share of revenue from the sports betting market.

The DOSB hailed last week's decision by the leaders of Germany's state governments to remove the cap on online sports betting licences and work towards a viable market where players can be channeled towards licensed offerings.

The Federation’s chairman, Michael Vesper, said the decision would allow the authorities to better tackle illegal sports betting, and called for sports governing bodies to be allowed to participate in the market in order to be benefit from wagering revenue.

"The decision of the Prime Ministers was long overdue, coming more than four years after the State Treaty passed into law," he said.

"We are committed to a legitimate sports betting market with reputable partners. And we trust in the commitment of the Prime Ministers to provide a fair share of sports betting revenue to non-profit sports - without these sports there would be nothing to bet on."

The DOSB, along with the German Football Association and the German Football League, have long called for guaranteed funding from the sports betting market.