Sports data specialists Perform Group and Genius Sports have come together to work on a major new project to protect the integrity of English and Scottish football competitions.

Working together with Football DataCo, the official data rights holder for all professional football leagues in England and Scotland, the companies will monitor odds movements across 14 football competitions in the two countries.

This includes the Premier League, Scottish Professional Football League and English Football League, as well as the English and Scottish FA cups and four tiers of the English National League.

"Ensuring the highest standards of integrity is a key priority for both English and Scottish Leagues and Football Associations," Football DataCo general manager Adrian Ford said. "Harnessing the strengths of Genius Sports and Perform and focusing on intelligence led information will support efforts to protect the integrity of British football."

The partnership marks the first time that the two data specialists have worked together. They will develop a bespoke intelligence network to monitor all English and Scottish matches, helping to flag any unusual or suspicious betting activity worldwide. This will allow the Leagues and Football Associations to quickly identify and address potential integrity issues or attempts at match-fixing.

Genius Sports and Perform will also develop a series of educational workshops to inform players, officials and league and club executives of the dangers posed by match-fixing.

"To be truly effective, any strategy against the growing threats of match-fixing and betting-related corruption must incorporate three key elements: technology, education and intelligence," Genius Sports managing director Steven Burton said. 

Perform head of integrity operations Jake Marsh added: "We are delighted to announce our involvement in this innovative new project for the integrity of UK football. Perform is a great believer in innovation and progression across all our divisions, including integrity, where cooperation, objectivity and insight are paramount.

"The opportunity to be part of a new model for integrity provision and support is one that we believe can help best protect UK football," Marsh explained. "Together with Genius Sports, we look forward to working with the associations and leagues to bring football integrity into a new era."