The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has agreed an information-sharing deal with international sports betting integrity body ESSA to protect its competitions from match-fixing.

ESSA and its 25 sports betting operator members work alongside the governing body to identify attempts at manipulating the results of UEFA matches, monitoring betting activity across a host of markets.

The partnership with ESSA is the latest in a series of initiatives from UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin to safeguard the integrity of the European game.

It has launched a betting fraud detection system to monitor and analyse wagering across 32,000 matches each year, as well as working with EUROPOL and a number of other law enforcement and gambling authorities to develop training courses for players, referees and managers.

"We are delighted that ESSA will be teaming up with UEFA in our mission to eradicate the manipulation of matches from football, and the exchange of information between trusted partners is a key milestone in this fight," UEFA managing director of integrity Emilio Garcia said.

"Match-fixing is a disease that threatens football's soul, and the game must be safeguarded from those who seek to profit from it by criminal means."

ESSA secretary general Khalid Ali said that to date his organisation has played a key role in coordinating and focusing the licensed, regulated betting industry's approach to tackling match-fixing.

"This agreement is further proof of our ongoing commitment to helping all sports authorities maintain the highest levels of integrity," he added.