Figures from sports data and integrity solutions provider Sportradar show that an estimated €136bn was bet worldwide on this year’s FIFA World Cup, with no suspicious betting activity detected during the tournament.

FIFA and its integrity partner Sportradar analysed betting behaviour and patterns across the recent tournament in Russia, finding that the average match generated an estimated global betting turnover of €2.1bn, with the final between Croatia and France attracting an estimated €7.2bn in bets. 

FIFA has undertaken various measures to prevent and address potential risk associated with match-fixing prior and during World Cup, with the competition closely monitored for any instance of suspicious betting around matches.

Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System monitored over 550 betting operators worldwide, generating a small number of alerts during the competition. These, however, were explained by markets adjusting the opening odds after the first match or two were played.

Following an in-depth, qualitative analysis of the overall volume and movement of odds within the betting market, no instances of suspicious betting activity or match-fixing were detected at the month-long tournament.