The Swedish Sports Alliance (Idrottsalliansen) has launched a new lottery which has been designed to boost funding for Swedish sports, following licence approval from the Swedish Gaming Board.

Available across desktop and mobile devices, Klubblo is a joint venture between media partner Metro Nordic Sweden and casino operator Cherry, with games provided by Cherry subsidiary Yggdrasil Gaming.

The not-for-profit organization Idrottsalliansen is the beneficiary of the new lottery, which will raise funds for sports federation members of the Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottförbundet) as well as all of Sweden’s 20,000 sports clubs.

Klubblo currently offers players a variety of scratch cards that are played online or via mobile, including games such as Klubbskrapet, Superstjärnan, Raketen, and Slutspel.

Players can choose which associations their money goes to, while each federation or association also has the ability to create custom-specific lottery tickets via

The Sports Alliance is currently composed of 27 of the foundation's sports federations and the two alliance unions, Djurgården IF and Hammarby IF. The board includes representatives of several sports federations.

“Through this initiative, we are giving Swedish sport new opportunities for funding at a time when both the state and local authorities are holding back on supporting sport,” said Sports Alliance chairman Lars Liljegren, who also chairs the Swedish Fencing Federation. “We can also develop new ideas together in a sport driven organization and fully utilize the strength of the Swedish sports brands.”

Klubblo CEO Lasse Dilschmann, added: “We are really excited to deliver this unique opportunity for Swedish sport. Lotteries around the world help to fund certain elements of sport, but Klubblo gives the chance for players to directly choose where their money goes.

“We think this is really going to capture the imagine of the Swedish people and we are confident that it is going to have a significant impact on the funding of both small and large sports clubs and associations in Sweden.”

Metro and Cherry will be responsible for the development, operation and marketing of the lottery through a jointly owned company.


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