German online lottery broker Lotto24 has moved to diversify its product offering with the launch of a keno product, while it also now allows players to club together to win larger jackpots for smaller stakes through lotto clubs.

Lotto24’s new keno product is a number lottery offering daily jackpots of €1m, with players required to select one and ten numbers and twenty numbers drawn from seventy. The size of wins are based on the number of correct numbers picked and the size of their stake.

Unlike popular lotteries such as Lotto 6aus49 and EuroJackpot, keno does not have fixed odds, so a player that bets €10 and chooses ten numbers can win €1m if these ten numbers are among the twenty drawn.

It even offers players that do not have a single correct number a prize; those who choose eight, nine or ten numbers and have none correct still receive a prize.

The game also has much higher odds of winnings, with the probability of a major win at 1:2.2m, compared to 1:140m for Lotto 6aus49.

It will go live initially on the site alongside lotto clubs, with both new features to be added to the company’s mobile offering in future.

Lotto clubs will be available for the Lotto 6aus49 and EuroJackpot games, allowing players to submit numerous tickets with lower stakes, significantly increasing their chance of winning. It has been launched following customer demand, with patrons now able to buy shares in four different product variants.

Should a club win, the prize is shared between all members of the lotto club, with winnings automatically credited to the customer’s account.

“Keno and lotto clubs offer even more variety for our customers,” Lotto24 CEO Petra von Strombeck said. ”As the German market leader in online lotto, we want to give our customers the perfect game experience. The next services and products will therefore not be long in coming.”

Shares in Lotto24 AG (Co. Data) (FRA:LO2X) were trading at €4.15 per share in Frankfurt earlier Monday. 


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