Camelot has admitted that it is working through a reported technical issue with the UK National Lottery mobile app which incorrectly sent non-winning messages to a number of players.

The official Lotto app has been temporarily locked while Camelot works to fix the glitch, which notified players that they had lost when they could have been holding a winning ticket.

Camelot said its current understanding of the situation is that the issue is linked to a recent software release implemented on October 13th for Android users and on October 20th for iOS users.

"We can confirm that we are currently working through a reported technical issue with the National Lottery app whereby some users may have recently seen an incorrect non-winning message when checking results with either the QR scanner or manual-entry results checker,” Camelot explained. “We believe that the vast majority of app users would have been unaffected.”

The operator said that the technical issue would have only affected a very small minority of users who checked results using the app during this period under a very specific set of circumstances, including attempting to open the app in offline mode after receiving an error message to this effect.

Results-checking on all other channels including remain unaffected.

“In the interests of all our players, we've temporarily locked the app while we work to fix this. We're also working hard to reach those users who may have been affected,” Camelot said, adding that it has a 30-day rule for lost, stolen and destroyed tickets.