It has taken the best part of a year but Lottoland has made a strong move into the B2B sector with its first integrations with operators. Lottoland Solutions director Michael Bogie tells Gaming Intelligence what took so long.

Lottoland’s B2C business is under increasing pressure from UK National Lottery operator Camelot, as well as other European lotteries such as the Czech Republic's SAZKA.

The World Lottery Association (WLA), the umbrella organisation for state lotteries in more than 80 countries on six continents, recently jumped on the bandwagon and described lottery betting as a "form of piracy".

"They piggyback on the lotteries’ infrastructure, plunder their brand capital and pillage their intellectual property, in total disregard for the investments into games made by authorized lotteries and without putting anything back into society," wrote the WLA in its biennial magazine.

The WLA goes on to say that lottery betting only exists because operators exploit loopholes in the law and because the regulated gaming sector has not taken concerted action to stop them.

"This suggests that the state-regulated lottery sector must pursue these operators in the courts, both in the jurisdictions where they are licensed and in the jurisdictions where they operate," says the WLA. "In addition, further measures can be taken to control these activities online."

Its fighting talk by the WLA and it won't be the last we've heard of this. In a separate development, the UK government is considering proposals that would close a betting loophole which allows operators to bet on the outcome of the popular EuroMillions lottery game - a move which Lottoland claims is being driven by Camelot to protect its National Lottery monopoly.

These issues on Lottoland's core B2C business are not going to go away - and we'll be covering this topic in more detail in an upcoming Lottery-focussed issue of GIQ magazine in Q4. Lottoland's move into B2B makes obvious sense and it is now a key area of focus for the company.

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