Lottoland’s rise has been nothing short of spectacular. But having ruffled a few feathers along the way it now faces a backlash in the UK and Australia.

Having doubled revenue every year since its inception, Lottoland has become the spearhead for the growing bet-on-lotteries sector. This follows an aggressive marketing campaign in the UK and Australia, which has brought the product to a wider audience. But one of the problems with making a big noise when entering a new market is that it makes you a target.

“I would rather we weren’t the ones getting all the attention,” says chief executive Nigel Birrell. “We have been a bit unfortunate in that we’ve copped a lot of the stick, when there’s all these other companies riding on the back of us. As my old boss used to say – it’s the pioneers that get the arrows in the chest.”

It’s easy to forget that Lottoland has only been around since 2013. Others have been in the business for longer, such as ZEAL Network’s mylotto24 and Annexio-powered World Lottery Club, but none have quite made the splash that Lottoland has made in such a short space of time.

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