Zeal Group's lottery betting brand myLotto24 is offering UK customers a chance to bet on the €2.3bn prize pool up for grabs in Spain's popular Christmas lottery El Gordo.

myLotto24 players will be able to bet on the outcome of the draw, which takes place on December 22nd, and sees participants purchase 'shares' in any five-digit number between 00001 and 99999, with shareholders of the winning numbers receiving a percentage of the prize.

There more than 14,000 prizes on offer, ranging between €1,000 to the €4m jackpot. El Gordo offers odds of one in 100,000 of securing the top prize, far lower than the one in 140m for EuroMillions.

"Something very big, very Spanish, and very exciting is coming," myLotto24 UK and Ireland country manager Shenaly Amin said. "El Gordo is the mother of all lotteries, and now Brits can bet for seriously life-changing prizes through myLotto24."

Translated literally as 'The Fat One', the El Gordo draw has been taking place each December 22nd since 1812.

To incentivise players to bet on the draw, myLotto24 has announced that all profit from bets placed on El Gordo and all lotteries it offers on Friday December 15th will be donated to HIV and sexual health charity the Terrence Higgins Trust.

The launch was further promoted by a newly-created mascot, The Fat-ador (pictured), which posed at London landmarks such as Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and along Oxford Street yesterday (December 13th).



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