Danish iGaming affiliate Better Collective has expanded its presence in the Finnish market with a deal to acquire digital marketing specialist Premium Administration.

Founded in 2014, Premium Administration operates the Kasinosankarit and Vastaveto.com sites, among others, driving traffic for casino and sports betting operators.

"We would like to thank the sellers for a transparent and fair process, we are very excited about carrying forward the magnificent job they have been doing," Better Collective head of M&A Michal Kopec said.

"This is a perfect opportunity for us to continue growing across Europe, and the Finnish market has long been on our radar."

Better Collective explained that while the Nordic region has been a key market for the business, it is relatively weak in Finland.

"The acquisition of Premium Administration OU's assets will bring Better Collective’s activities in Finland up to the level of the other Nordic markets," the company said.

The acquisition is the first this year for Better Collective, which completed eight deals last year that saw it move into a number of new markets such as Romania, Poland and the UK.

"This is a prime example of how we are using our long term M&A strategy to help us to further strengthen our position on the top of the iGaming European affiliate market," Better Collective chief executive and co-founder Jesper Søgaard said.

"Thanks to Premium OU's presence in Finland, Better Collective is able to further establish and grow our strength in the Nordic region."

Mikk Maal, a partner at Premium Administration, added: "We are so proud with what we've created in the past, but at same time we are also excited to see what could happen in our upcoming years with Better Collective.

"With their resources and know-how, the future looks brighter than what we could have hoped for. We are sure that our loyal readers will see the Better Collective benefits very soon."