With long-term supply contracts for video lottery terminals (VLTs) with eight of the ten concessionaries in Italy, Austria’s Novomatic Group has introduced its 10,000th VLT into the Italian gaming market.

In Italy the number of VLTs permitted by law is restricted to a maximum of 14 per cent (currently around 57,000 terminals) of the total number of gaming machines. A maximum of 150 terminals is permitted per location.

According to Novomatic, the company is one of the largest VLT supplies in Italy, with a market share of approximately 40 per cent.

Adria Gaming International S.p.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Novomatic which manages the Italian VLT operations, has signed long term supply contracts for VLTs with eight of the ten concessionaries.
Novomatic also holds a majority share in G.Matica, one of the ten licensees, having increased its stake in the Rome-based company to nearly 81 per cent earlier this year.

“We are proud that our technology is successful in one of the most modern gaming markets in the world,” said Novomatic CEO Franz Wohlfahrt. “Our activities in Italy are of great significance because the Italian video lotteries are setting a trend in Europe, possibly even worldwide.

“The strict regulation by the Italian authorities already serves as a model for many countries planning to expand their gaming markets. Strictly regulated gaming markets, high system reliability and unrestricted transparency for state regulatory authorities are key issues for the future of the industry.”

Together with further subsidiaries, Novomatic currently also operates 70 amusement arcades in Italy. The company said that the large demand for VLTs in Italy has also had a positive impact on Novomatic’s production in Gumpoldskirchen which has had to run multi-shift operations in order to meet demand.

According to figures released by the Italian gaming authority AAMS earlier this month, VLTs generated turnover of €7bn in the months from January to August.


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