The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a TV advertisement by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power which featured transgender people in a promotion ahead of Ladies’ Day at the Cheltenham Festival earlier this year.

The ad was broadcast in February, receiving 92 complaints and had already been pulled by broadcasters including Channel 4 and Sky.

Referring to a comment made on Facebook, the ad showed various shots of Cheltenham racecourse while a voice-over stated :”We hear you Ian and we're going to make Ladies Day even more exciting by sending in some beautiful transgendered ladies! Spot the stallions from the mares!”

The ad showed a series of brief shots of people at the event while the voice-over attempted to guess their gender. In one scene a woman was shown holding a dog while the voice-over stated “woman” then hesitated while the shot changed to show a woman walking out of a men's toilet and stated “dog, I mean, man”.

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