The UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned a TV advertisement for NetPlay TV’s brand which was held to be irresponsible for glamorising gambling.

The TV ad for opened with a shot of a casino chip in a man's hand. He was then shown walking down the street with a male friend and greeting an attractive female acquaintance outside the entrance to a building with a velvet-cordoned entrance.

The man then flashed his casino chip at a doorman and entered, flanked by his friends. The group were shown walking through the casino to a roulette table. An attractive female joined the group behind the main character and he was then shown exchanging looks with another female.

The ad concluded with the group standing round a roulette table. A voice-over stated: "Join our live spinners tonight and we'll give you £10 free. Feel it for real." The soundtrack included the lyrics "Everybody wanna be famous ... Reaching up for the stars, who could blame us ... Las Vegas, VIP status ... Everybody wanna be someone special."

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