Online poker operator Full Tilt Poker has introduced ‘New to the Game’ tables which provide players with an easier way to experience different game types and enhance their poker skills.

‘New to the Game’ ring game tables and tournaments cover the smallest stake levels offered, which the company claims is ideal for players who have never played any form of poker before, or who are simply new to some of the game variants available at Full Tilt Poker.
“Even the most experienced No-Limit Hold’em player can find it difficult to learn a new variant, like Omaha or Irish,” said Sarne Lightman, head of marketing at Full Tilt Poker. “We’ve created a relaxed environment for players of all skill levels to learn a variety of games with our New to the Game tables.

“Combined with our game of the week promotion it provides the perfect opportunity for our players to explore the many varieties of poker available on the site.”

Full Tilt said that play proceeds at a slower pace than at standard tables, with tooltips available to offer information on key aspects of the game and options at the table.

In addition, players’ current hand strength is always displayed, making it clear to the player how each subsequent card has affected their hand.
Players’ eligibility to sit at ‘New to the Game’ tables is based on the number of ring game hands or tournaments played in that specific game variant. All existing Full Tilt Poker players are eligible to access the tables, with each player’s eligibility only impacted by games played following the launch of ‘New to the Game’.

According to data from, Full Tilt Poker currently ranks third with a seven-day average of 2,750 players, behind PokerStars and iPoker.