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The debate about open platforms and the speed to market of casino games has raged on and off for almost two years. There have been many things fuelling this debate, from the long queues at OpenBet to the market dominance of Playtech and its GTS platform.

This is the heart and soul of an operator’s platform and the choice of platform and whether it is open or closed will determine much of a casino operator’s strategy.

For so many years Playtech’s GTS dominated the market in Europe, before Quickfire from Microgaming came in to match its market share. In the UK, OpenBet and, to some extent, GTECH have had a firm hold on the market.

During the past year, however, we have seen an explosion in the number of suppliers offering alternative open platforms and parroting the mantra about giving operators choice and flexibility. The sales pitch is aimed at mirroring the casino floors of land-based casinos in the US, and Bally, for one, has based its entire online strategy around its open platform.

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