California-based social gaming developer Playsino has launched a new free-to-play poker game which is available to players on social networking site Facebook.

Playsino claims that Playsino Poker is the first social poker platform to offer up to four simultaneous tables of action in fifteen languages.

Playsino CEO Alex Kelly said: “The latest offering in our social casino suite of games, Playsino Poker, will immerse players in the most realistic experience of the classic card game available.

“We have incorporated the most popular features from the real money online poker experience including playing almost anyone in the world in their native language, playing at multiple tables at the same time, viewing detailed hand histories and employing a player skill evaluation tool.”

Playsino Poker allows players to take part in up to four tables simultaneously, and offers an interactive Buddy List which lets players browse what stakes friends are playing and join them at their tables. Alongside this, the company’s patent-pending chat translator gives them the ability to communicate with each other in their native languages.

The game also rewards players with new, exclusive benefits and rewards unlocked as players reach new card levels. And if a player loses, they stand to lose points just like real-life poker.

Playsino confirmed that Apple iOS and Android versions of the game will follow in the near future.

Other games available by Playsino include Bingo World and Solitaire And Prizes.