Spain’s national lottery operator SELAE has met with representatives of the country’s commercial lottery network and football association Liga de Futbol Professional (LFP) to discuss a relaunch of its struggling La Quiniela pool betting offering targeted at a younger, online audience.

SELAE held the meeting with delegates from  provincial lottery body Agrupación Nacional de Asociaciones Provinciales de Adminstradoes de Loteria (ANAPAL), retail gaming association Federacion Nacional de Receptores Mixtos (FENAMIX) and the LFP to discuss the performance of La Quiniela.

The continuing economic crisis in Spain has seen sales of the sports betting product decrease to levels last seen in the 1984-85 football season, with the products popularity also diminished by the introduction of a 20 per cent tax rate and intense competition from private operators with more appealing sports betting offerings.

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