Online gaming supplier BetSoftGaming has launched Bitcoin support for licensees of the BTC Poker Network, with its 3D slot games now available on the network.

BetSoft’s products are available to BTC customers alongside the core poker product. The supplier’s head of product development Anthony Locke explained that the supplier had supported the digital currency as part of a drive to ensure it was at the forefront of technical innovation.

“At BetSoft, we are committed to embracing the challenges posed by the relentless evolution of technology, and we are prepared to shift with the times to allow for top end innovation in every facet of the iGaming sector,” Locke explained.

The BTC Poker Network launched earlier this year and currently includes as partners 365betbit, Coinpoker and Bluffabit.

The company’s director of marketing Andrew Turner explained that his company had worked closely with BetSoft to help create the digital infrastructure to launch Bitcoin support.

“We pride ourselves on providing access to new and exciting opportunities, and Bitcoin simply gives players more options for payment when playing at any of our licensees' establishments,” Turner said.

In related news, BetSoft has released an expansion update for its SugarPop! slot. The game originally went live in November last year, and the supplier claims the game is one of the first video slots to incorporate concepts and hooks found in casual and social gaming markets.

It features level progression, game scores and bonus features, and similar to social games, was designed to be updated with a continuous stream of new content.

The first expansion pack adds a new area to the sweet-themed slot, the Peanut Butter Plains. The new game features 10 levels, and new collectible items.

“This record-setting game has thousands of players hungrily devouring the irresistible sweet treats of each level,” Locke commented “It is very clear that players want more of what SugarPop! offers them - progressive levels, achievements, the excitement of exploring a delicious new game world - and to that end, BetSoft will be revealing more level expansion packs in the near future.”