Gaming software and solutions provider Playtech has announced the successful migration of online gaming operator Winner to its new multi-balance wallet as part of the supplier’s Information Management System (IMS).

Playtech said that the new single wallet eliminates the use of multiple accounts for the various products, with players able to enjoy a borderless multi-product experience across all products they are playing including casino, bingo, sports and poker.

Using Playtech’s IMS platform, operators can track the gaming activity through a single backend, making the financial data and gaming history of each player clearer across the entire player lifecycle.

“We are very proud to launch the new wallet with Winner,” said Playtech’s vice president of cross products Tony Khatskevich. “It provides operators with a holistic view which allows them to execute more targeted marketing efforts and an avenue to cross-sell across products and games. I am sure Winner will benefit from this wallet in maximising their player value.”

Playtech added that Winner's wallet model has an exclusive feature which allows players to transfer funds across balances within games and products, allowing for intuitive cross-sell opportunities such as game-specific bonuses and free-spin bonuses.