Fantasy sports technology and content provider Hotbox Sports Ventures has paired up with the New Jersey Devils in a deal that will see the site promoted by the NHL ice hockey team.

Due to launch in mid-November, the site will be promoted across the Devils’ Prudential Center arena and through the team's media and social channels.

"Fantasy sports plays an important role in a fan’s experience, and we wanted to bring Devils fans a game where they could focus on their favorite players and their favorite team,” said Scott O’Neil, CEO of the New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center. “Our collaboration with Hotbox Sports, offering both free-to-play games and this first-of-its-kind entry-fee game, will ensure Devils fans have an unrivaled fantasy game experience.”

The Hotbox Sports product is designed to offer a unique fantasy sports experience, by breaking the game down into three scoring periods each week, with players only allowed to use one player in each period. Each player on a team’s roster can only be used once, meaning users have to pick players based on their real-world opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.

It covers baseball, basketball and hockey, with a combined football product covering all major European leagues.

The product is designed to offer sporting clubs, leagues and media companies ways to monetise their online and mobile marketing assets, while creating sponsorship opportunities for partners and advertisers.

Under the terms of the sponsorship pact, the Devils and Hotbox Sports will also launch a team-focused game based around the team, and only covering its games.

Hotbox Sports chief marketing officer and head of business development Terry Lyons said he was very proud to be working with the Devils.

“We are thrilled to activate our first entry-fee product with strong sponsorship support from the New Jersey Devils, our longtime business partner who sees the future of Hotbox Sports in the exciting space of fantasy sports,” Lyons added.

The partnership marks the Devils’ second high-profile collaboration with a company in the gaming sector. In January this year it agreed a landmark sponsorship agreement with, with the operator’s PartyPoker branding appearing in the team’s arena, as well as through its media channels.