Playtech has strengthened the range of solutions available through its Information Management System (IMS) platform with the launch of Campaign Manager, comprising a selection of fully-automated marketing features.

Campaign Manager enables features such as automated player segmentation, multivariate testing with test and control groups to assess the effectiveness of special offers and bonuses, as well as cross-channel bonusing, player messaging and business alerts.

The features are designed to optimise and streamline marketing efforts, as well as driving additional revenue, by fully automating aspects of the process.

It allows for users to schedule calls to action and conditions, or push such offers and promotions to players in real-time, and fully integrates with the advanced bonusing, messaging, personalisation and content delivery tools already integrated to the IMS.

IMS product manager Shelley Harding-Ban commented that Campaign Manager’s cross-channel and multi-product capabilities delivered on Playtech’s promise of making IMS a one-stop-shop for clients.

“The system is showing exceptionally good results and we are again raising the bar, firmly cementing our position as the leading platform, software and services provider within the global gambling industry,” she added.

The supplier’s chief operating officer Shay Segev added that the solution’s capabilities “further enhances the position of Playtech’s IMS as the industry’s leading value-adding gaming platform.”

The product has been rolled out following extensive pre-launch trials with the likes of Paddy Power, which saw triple-digit increases in conversion rates through its trial campaigns. The operator is now looking to use the system at other stages in the player lifecycle.

Paddy Power’s head of gaming Gavin Hamilton said that aside from the apparent benefits of automating manual tasks, Campaign Manager allowed the company to ensure that it can optimise its marketing efforts.

“The initial results have been very encouraging and we are excited about the opportunities this opens up to us in the future,” Hamilton said.

The solution was also tested with Titanbet, which noted that Campaign Manager had helped significantly increase productivity within its marketing operations team and roll out new ideas quickly.

Playtech will now look to roll out the solution to other licensees in the coming months.