Sports broadcaster and data provider Satellite Information Services (SIS) has rolled out a series of dedicated data products in partnership with Spain’s association of professional football clubs La Liga de Futbol Profesional.

After signing a three-year partnership with the league in August to become its exclusive data partner, SIS has rolled out a series of pre-match, in-running and post-match data fees, as well as products tailored to bookmakers’ needs.

Among the key features of the offering are an incident feed delivered from inside the stadium, helping traders drive price changes and market making.

The company will also provide in-play data to aid in-house trading, with alert and danger messages on events that occur in the match going live to trading teams.

SIS Betting commercial director Paul Witten said the company had come “a long way in a very short time,” which he said was testament to the supplier’s ability to develop and innovate in launching new products.

“Our feed is fast, high quality and most importantly absolutely tailored to the needs of bookmakers, their traders and their customers,” Witten explained. “La Liga is one of the top three leagues in the world and we’re confident SIS’ products and services from Spain will become a must-have for betting companies.”