Sportradar has announced the launch of its Federation Management Platform (FMP), a new suite of data-related products and services for sports governing bodies.

The solution is designed to offer sporting federations a range of products that can make it easier to manage rights portfolios and maximise their value, with the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) the first body to launch FMP under a three year contract.

Sportradar's FMP Federation Management Tool, FMP Data Collection Tool and FMP Data Visualisation and Commercialisation Tool collectively enable clients to manage leagues and other competitions, collect data and distribute this to partners or end users.

“Our goal is to establish the Federation Management Platform as the go-to platform for sporting federations across the world,” Sportradar CEO Carsten Koerl explained. “It combines a number of areas that we, as company, excel at and allows us to provide a joined-up solution that makes life easier for rights holders but also maximises their existing assets.”

The first service gives federations the ability to configure, plan and manage leagues, tournaments schedules and venues. It also facilitates the management of competition and match-related personnel, not only players and match officials, but also external parties attending events.

The Data Collection Tool allows users to manage leagues from desktops and mobile devices. This will allow FAM to generate tables, statistics and top lists, as well as comprehensive and automated match commentary including post-match editing and offline data collection.

The final component, the Data Visualisation and Commercialisation Tool, helps users distribute all game data and coverage across a range of widget solutions, adding social media and CRM to tailor the data for different uses.

Commenting on its decision to become the first FMP client, FAM deputy president Dato Seri Affendi Hamzah said his organisation had been patient as it looked for an organisation that could offer it a comprehensive data collection and management system.

“The world of sports data is an exciting one and we had to be sure that we were partnering with the best.

“With today’s partnership, not only is FAM embarking on a journey, but so are our fans and various stakeholders,” he said. “What Sportradar can do is bring our data to life in a way that will excite and engage everyone who holds Malaysian football dear, whether at home or abroad.”

“[All] innovative products need a first user who has the ambition and imagination to see and grab the opportunity,” Koerl added. “So here we have the FA of Malaysia: by allowing us to take care of their data-related and federation management needs, they have not only freed up time and capacity to innovate and grow the game; they have allowed us to work with them creatively to ensure that their data comes to life and enriches the way their partners and fans interact with their game.”