Real-money gaming platform provider CashBet has expanded its offering with the launch of several new online casino games, while also rolling out its first two desktop casino sites.

The company has entered into a licensing deal with Joyful Dream Holdings to launch a new casino title, Cosmo Casino. This has been announced alongside the launch of five new casino titles rolled out by CashBet and its partners Reflex Gaming and Bliffi.

“Our upcoming title Cosmo Casino will offer players an engaging mixture of social casino and real-money gameplay,” Joyful Dream chief executive David Siu said. “By leveraging CashBet’s turnkey platform, we will be able to offer players in the UK a unique and superior gaming experience as well.”

Through the partnership, CashBet said that it will operate new apps and exclusive content on behalf of Joyful Dream, a new entrant into the UK real-money casino market.

Other new titles launched by Cashbet and its partners include Star Bingo, Reflex Real Slots and Jenny Vegas, all of which are now available via the UK Apple App Store for play on mobile and tablet devices.

CashBet has also rolled out its first two desktop sites, and, featuring a variety of slots, video poker, blackjack and roulette games.

The roll-out of the new brands is described as in-keeping with CashBet’s strategy of expanding the type and variety of content available to its players.

“Since we launched our industry leading mobile-first real money gaming platform, we have continued to ink deals with both leading game developers looking to tap into this multi-billion dollar market, as well as operators looking to control their own destiny with our favorable licensing terms,” CashBet co-founder and CEO Mike Reaves commented.

“We look forward to the market response for our new titles from Reflex Gaming, Bliffi and Joyful Dream, in addition to the two new casino gaming portals we’ve just launched, and”