PokerStars has announced an overhaul of its VIP Club, with the poker-focused loyalty programme to be replaced by a new combined programme for poker, casino and sportsbook.

The operator said that changes made to the VIP Club early in 2016 had proved successful, but additional alterations were necessary in order to let players accumulate points for play across all verticals.

The new VIP programme is not scheduled to go live until 2017, but the operator is notifying players now in response to criticism earlier this year when players felt they were not given enough advance notice of changes being made.

“Consequently, we're working hard to avoid repeating that situation by sharing this broad vision for the rewards program in 2017, even when we have not yet decided on all the details or launch date,” Amaya and PokerStars vice president of corporate communications Eric Hollreiser explained.

“These details will be informed by further careful analysis in coming months, but we will endeavour to share what we can, when we can.”

One major change will be the decision to reset player progress each month, a measure originally used to encourage more frequent play. While this was “great” for those that play the most, the majority of players only play casually and intermittently, making the current set-up “a tough rewards programme” for such users to engage with.

“So, at some point during 2017, we will make the switch from the current monthly status system to one that is more personalized to your recent gaming activity and player profile,” PokerStars explained.

As of January 1st 2017, the annual Supernova status for VIP players will become a monthly status until the new rewards programme is rolled out. Anyone who achieves Supernova status in 2016 will retain this until the new programme is implemented.

The value of monthly VIP rewards and VPP points requirements for all statuses is still subject to change, with rewards awarded according to the new system once it is deployed.


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