Lottoland’s success with its bet-on-lotteries concept has already attracted the ire of UK National Lottery operator Camelot. Lottoland UK managing director James Easterbrook and Home agency’s Nick Harrison explain how their new ad campaign is set to further boost UK operations.

The EuroMillions is run by ten operators across nine countries: the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland, and is the world’s biggest lottery in terms of sales.

In the UK it is run by Camelot, which along with the other countries involved recently agreed to raise the cost of its tickets to €2.50 across Europe and £2.50 in the UK (up from €2 and £2 respectively).

Camelot justified the move by claiming that it would double the number of millionaires with at least 2 guaranteed UK millionaires in every draw and a minimum of 208 per year. Since launching in 2004, the game has created more than 1,250 millionaires in the UK alone.

The changes were implemented at the end of September, with higher starting jackpots of £14m as well as other promotions to raise mega jackpots to £100m.

Lottoland has capitalised on this by freezing its EuroMillions price at £2, and has launched a new TV ad campaign on Sky and terrestrial TV.

The ad, titled ‘Lotto’s evolved. Have you?’, is Lottoland’s second major UK TV push, following on from last year’s ‘Let the big games begin’ launch campaign.

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