The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a promotion for the Health Lottery which was found to have exaggerated the likely winnings available in the society lottery.

A Facebook post for the Health Lottery in January stated: "You know what they say five chances to win is better than one, that’s why we run five weekly draws! What's more, each draw has a jackpot of up to £100k - that means that there is a potential half a million pounds up for grabs week in week out!… Up to £500k can be won every week. That's 5 draws per week each with up to £100k jackpot Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday… Still only £1 That’s half the price of Lotto! Play Now #Everybody Wins."

Three complainants, who understood that the jackpot was usually significantly lower than £100,000, challenged whether claims "up to £100k jackpot" and "up to £500k every week" were misleading.

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