UK lottery betting operator Annexio is launching a new television advertising campaign for its brand with popular UK television personality Keith Lemon.

The launch of the campaign follows its rebranding from World Lottery Club in June.

Annexio chief executive officer Tom Brodie told Gaming Intelligence: “We wanted the brand to be cheeky, fun, engaging and exciting. Keith is all those things.”

Lemon is the alter-ego of comedian Leigh Francis. He has signed an exclusive two-year deal with the operator and has written a series of ads, which were filmed in and around London, with one featuring Francis’s mother. They were launched on October 1st.

Big winners and VIPs will get the opportunity to meet’s new brand ambassador and players will have the opportunity to join the audience of Lemon’s popular Celebrity Juice shows. Annexio is also planning on launching some branded games to tie in with the advertising campaign.

“He is an A-List celebrity who appeals to our demographic,” commented Brodie. “Lottery betting is not a serious form of betting. It’s fun and engaging. Keith embodies that.”

Since relaunching as in June, Annexio has seen its customer numbers boosted to more than one million. Until now, the company has relied on search engine marketing, affiliates and social media channels. It is hoped that the Above-The-Line marketing campaign will improve the return on investment from the online marketing efforts.

“This is a new chapter for the business,” said Brodie. “We are the leading lottery betting provider in the UK and we want to lift the business to the next level. This will build the trust and credibility of the brand in the marketplace.”