Marketing News

Finland’s state-owned gaming operator Veikkaus has launched a review of its marketing activities following public backlash against its recent advertising.

The ad campaign featured a gambler speaking to a therapist who encourages the player to gamble with Veikkaus.

“There is no reason to deny the facts. We have made mistakes,” said Veikkaus chief executive Olli Sarekoski.

“Some of our ads have been such that they do not comply with the company's approved marketing guidelines. We take responsibility for them, we are really sorry for the anger we have caused, and we will learn from our mistakes.”

To address the issue, Veikkaus has suspended all non-brand and lottery advertising until September while it conducts a review of its marketing activities with an external partner.

“Over the next one and a half months, we will look into the smallest details of where we need to improve our processes in the future,” Sarekoski explained. “Once the overall evaluation of our marketing is completed and the results are obtained, corrective action will be decided.”