The UK Gambling Commission has confirmed that Rachel Lampard, a commissioner since 2006, has been appointed to the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board.

Lampard is due to retire from her post on the Gambling Commission board in July this year after nine years in office.

She will serve the RGSB alongside chairman Christopher Kelly, Kate Anthony, Christopher Bell, Paul Bellringer, Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Russell Hoyle, Richard Ives, David Miers, Gerda Reith, Sanju George and Simon Tanner.

During her time with the UK gaming regulatory, the commission said that Lampard had provided a “unique combination of an understanding of both the policy and regulatory approach adopted by the Commission as well as the history and evolution of the arrangements for providing research, education and treatment for gambling.”

She led the original review of the effectiveness and level of existing voluntary arrangements for research, education and treatment requested by the Department for Culture Media and Sport in 2007.

More recently, she headed up the commission’s review of social responsibility measures within licence conditions and codes of practice.

“Rachel’s appointment offers continuity in expertise of regulatory policy matters which we hope will be enhanced by further additional RGSB board members being sought through a current external recruitment exercise,” said the commission. “Applicants are invited with expertise in addiction, harm prevention, young people, social and digital media, evaluation, and economics and public health.”

The RGSB advises the Gambling Commission and, in turn, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), on the research, education and treatment components of a national responsible gambling strategy.