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New Betsson chief executive and president Ulrik Bengtsson talks to Gaming Intelligence about his new role and tells us where Betsson goes from here.

Ulrik Bengtsson has been doing such a good job as chief executive of Betsson’s Maltese operating subsidiary BML Group that it seemed the most obvious thing in the world to promote him to chief executive of the wider group, when Magnus Silfverberg announced he was leaving in June last year.

After all, Silfverberg took a similar route from Malta CEO to group CEO. However, it took Betsson another eight months before it confirmed the promotion. The main reason, Bengtsson explains, is that he did not want to move from Malta to Stockholm. He also loves his job and feels like he has unfinished business in his current role. So the eventual answer to this conundrum was that he agreed to take on both roles. He would continue as CEO of Betsson Malta and he would also become CEO and president of the holding company.

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