Social casino studio FlowPlay has appointed Joshua Granick, founder and managing director of cross-platform open source games development engine OpenFL, as its first scientist-in-residence.

In this new position, Granick will look to support the growth and evolution of FlowPlay's existing platform, while retaining his role as OpenFL managing director. 

Aside from creating OpenFL, Granick has a strong pedigree in the emerging technology sector, having worked for major corporations such as computer chip developer Intel, computer and printer manufacturer HP and telephone and wireless equipment company BlackBerry.

Before establishing his current business he worked as director of innovation, focusing on virtual and augmented reality and robotics for German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom.

The OpenFL platform is a solution in which games are created in the Haxe development language, but can be published on a range of other platforms and operations systems such as Android, iOS, HTML5, Linux and Firefox. 

It has recently been adopted by FlowPlay, which has migrated its mobile product development to OpenFL, with plans to transfer its entire gaming portfolio and all future development to the engine. 

"Thousands of games, technologies and industries are already using OpenFL, and it's a perfect fit to enable FlowPlay's future development plans," Granick said.  "By transitioning to OpenFL, FlowPlay has increased the versatility of the company's multiplayer platform while accelerating development times and freeing up more resources to focus on new innovation.

"I'm eager to become a part of that process and help raise awareness on how OpenFL can help other developers in the casual games industry."

FlowPlay chief executive Derrick Morton added: "OpenFL and the open-source community created an engine that produces the quality, speed and versatility other engines cannot replicate or compete against.

"Granick took the time to build an engine for developers and by developers, and offers the industry an intuitive solution to handle the many challenges game creators face on a daily basis. He is an important addition to our team as we look to expand and advance our gaming platform."