US geolocation specialist GeoComply has signed a deal to incorporate mobile location solutions from California-based Locaid to serve the growing needs of the mobile and internet gaming market.

The new agreement will allow gaming operators to simultaneously access Locaid’s multiple sources of location data, including network mobile, IP and device location, in conjunction with GeoComply’s geolocation services to identify the physical location of players across all gaming devices.

“Location data is the key enabling element for the mobile gaming industry," said Locaid president and CEO Rip Gerber. "Every gaming operator will be required by state regulators to authenticate the location of a mobile device when a consumer is placing a wager. The casino on your smartphone only works with Locaid location data as a confirmation source. Combined with GeoComply’s secure and easy-to-use operating tools, every operator and casino can get the best experience that satisfies regulatory requirements.”

Locaid's device location reach spans over 400m mobile devices and over 4.8bn connected devices across the world, all through the cloud. The company said that the integration of Locaid’s data into GeoComply’s software and tools gives regulators and operators a wide reaching, reliable, and secure solution for authenticating a player’s location accurately across all devices.

“GeoComply was founded to address the need in the Internet gaming market for accurate and secure location solutions,” said Anna Sainsbury, CEO of GeoComply. “Our solutions are designed to meet the most stringent requirements whilst enabling operators to accurately locate online players across all devices. We strive to ensure we offer our clients a streamlined geolocation solution, which integrates the best location technologies on the market. As Locaid has demonstrated its ability to offer secure and reliable location data to licensed operators in Nevada, they are an obvious partner for us.”


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