Marketing solutions provider Beehive has struck a deal to supply its customer relationship management (CRM) tools to betting operator Stanleybet.

The agreement will see the Beehive platform rolled out in markets including the UK, Romania, Italy, Croatia and Denmark.

Beehive's CRM tools will give Stanleybet a marketing optimisation engine that dynamically clusters customers by behavioural attributes, serving relevant marketing messages to them to maximize customer value and boost retention.

“We are delighted to have joined forces with Stanleybet, and to grow our footprint in major European markets such as the UK and Italy as well as fast-growing markets such as Romania,” said Adi Dagan, founder and CEO of Beehive. “Online gaming is such a fiercely competitive industry, operators need to do all they can to acquire, retain, and most importantly engage their customers.”

Gianluca Porzio, head of online for Stanleybet, said the operator chose to partner with Beehive because it offers the only marketing optimisation tool designed specifically for the iGaming industry.

“Working with Beehive has been a fantastic experience so far, and has proved to be an efficient way to grow our online business,” he said. “We have already learned a lot from them, and look forward to gleaning even more knowledge in the coming months.”


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