The sexy subject de nos jours is BitCoin but for most people that’s a subject for the future. The KPMG eGaming Summit confirmed that the UK’s transformation to a Point of Consumption regime is still top of the agenda.

Despite the new regime going live on October 1st, there was much fretting about licensing and fallout throughout this week’s KPMG eGaming Summit, which the Isle of Man government kindly flew me out to attend.

Despite the anguish, UK Gambling Commission chief executive Jenny Williams was in a relaxed mood as she opened proceedings in the company of a jovial but jetlagged Richard Schuetz of the California Gambling Control Commission, the typically ebullient Danish Gambling Authority director Birgitte Sand and our host Steve Brennan, the chief executive of the island’s Gambling Supervision Commission.

The subject of the debate was regulatory cooperation. A fluffy warm feel-good vibe ensued as the panel told us how they got to know each other. The conclusion can be summarised in four words: “it is good to talk”.

However, the regulatory love-in was not without value. Williams revealed that progress has been made with two concrete examples of regulatory cooperation, which could have a material impact on people’s businesses.

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