There has been a lot of talk on the blogs and message boards about the Amaya effect on PokerStars. But what effect is PokerStars having on Amaya?

There is always something faintly comical about a company announcing “record revenues” in its quarterly financial statement. After all, unless you have been going backwards for quite some time, it does not take much to increase revenue to a “record” level. 888 has been doing it every quarter since it emerged from the doldrums a couple of years ago. And now Amaya is following suit.

Its “record” revenue would seem to be a case of stating the obvious considering that this time last year its Q3 revenue was just CA$38.5m ($34.1m). Since then it has spent $4.9bn acquiring a whole new company. So its record results can be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, there were some interesting tidbits revealed as the Rational Group business becomes more and more transparent to prying eyes. Take, for example, the geographic spread of the Rational business. Some fairly rough and ready calculations (taking away last year’s Amaya revenues from the whole) reveal that Europe accounts for about 65 per cent of Rational’s business, the Americas account for roughly 24 per cent and the Rest of the World (ie. Asia) accounts for about 11 per cent.

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