Gaming Intelligence speaks exclusively to Chiligaming founder Alexandre Dreyfus about what he brings to Bally Technologies

Bally Technologies has found an unlikely hero in the shape of 34-year-old French entrepreneur Alexandre Dreyfus. The founder and CEO of Chiligaming has just sold his creation (minus the relatively small B2C bit) to Bally, one of the biggest US technology suppliers to the casino industry.

The addition of Chiligaming’s online gaming platform and its 20 staff represents the final piece in the Bally Interactive jigsaw (bar some recruitment and partnership deals, which are still to come). Bally’s acquisition of mobile app provider Macroview Labs, a remote gaming server from Irish company ComTrade and Chiligaming’s B2B business came in at less than £20m. It is a ridiculous bargain for what it claims will be the most complete and, crucially, the most flexible online product for land-based US casinos.

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