Following the announcement of its Sports Charter, Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, chairman of the European Lotteries Association’s Sports Committee, provides an exclusive interview on the governing body’s sports betting policy. In particular, he outlines the reasoning behind the organisation’s call on governments to increase control over exchange betting and in-play products, and the establishment of a global convention on match-fixing and betting.

The move by the European Lotteries Association to promote its policy and views on betting integrity has not gone done well in some quarters of the private sector, notably the suggestion of increased control over exchange and spread betting activities to protect sporting events from corruption. It prompted a particularly robust response from Betfair challenging the evidence underpinning the approach.

Matt Lambert, Betfair’s director of public affairs, stated that the lotteries’ proposal was “not supported by any evidence or arguments. Since they have a vested interest in opposing new innovations in the gambling sector I think everyone can draw their own conclusions as to the motivation for their view.”

Moner-Banet says he is “unsurprised” by the reaction.

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