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Dow Jones has chosen Gaming Intelligence to provide independent news and analysis on the online gambling industry to users of its Factiva business intelligence platform.

Users of the Factiva platform now have access to all of the premium news and analysis from, alongside business intelligence from the world's top media outlets, trade and consumer publications and websites.

Factiva counts over 80% of Fortune 500 companies amongst its subscribers and the addition of Gaming Intelligence’s premium content reflects the growing importance of the online gaming industry to the world economy.

Gaming Intelligence managing director Bobby Mamudi commented: "Dow Jones' decision to add a trusted source of news and analysis to its Factiva platform reflects the growing interest of financial institutions and other companies in internet gaming."

The online gaming industry has matured at a rapid rate, particularly over the past decade, growing from a fringe online activity to a popular mainstream form of entertainment reaching almost every part of the world. It is now an industry that is well regulated and a significant contributor of tax revenues in jurisdictions where it is offered.

"As the US and other jurisdictions start developing legislation to regulate online gambling, it is vital that banks, regulators and other institutions have access to reliable information," continued Mamudi. "I am delighted they will now be able to access it via Factiva and"

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