Research by global executive search firm Odgers Berndtson reveals that the betting and gambling sector is becoming an increasingly attractive option for senior executives from outside the industry compared to two years ago, although it continues to polarise opinion.
A survey of 100 executives carried out by Odgers Berndtson shows that external attitudes towards the gambling industry are changing, while the industry itself is starting to overcome its reticence to hire talent from other sectors for key senior roles.
The research shows that senior talent is starting to move more freely between gaming and other sectors, particularly consumer and technology industries, as perceptions of the gaming industry improve.
The factors cited by respondents include the sector’s resilient economic performance, the increasing prevalence of gaming brands in mainstream media and the industry’s innovative use of technology.
The company said that many of the executives it spoke to described the betting and gaming sector as international, fast-paced, technology-led and highly competitive and hence, appealing.

The research shows that outsiders are also attracted to the sector by what they see as an opportunity to make their mark in an industry that "whilst obviously successful, has not yet reached full maturity". The industry’s scope for international growth, particularly in Asia and more recently in the U.S., is also a motivating factor.
Andrew Bulloss, Head of Odgers Berndtson’s Betting and Gaming practice, said: “We have seen a significant change in attitudes from senior individuals towards the betting and gaming industry over the past two years, but the industry needs to showcase its successes to attract the best talent.

"The sector is seen as highly commercial, truly international and technology-led and in some cases employs world class talent. It’s indicative of its potential that we are now seeing real interest from senior executives in consumer technology businesses.  This includes heightened interest from Silicon Valley talent as the regulatory regime for online gaming in the US starts to take shape”.