Profit was up 65 per cent for Net Entertainment in Q4 2013 compared to the previous year and this is just the beginning, says CEO Per Eriksson.

The most startling figure from Net Entertainment’s outstanding annual report, released last Thursday, was its claim to 31 per cent of the European online casino market. Yes, that is almost a third of the market. In a market where Playtech is often presumed to be the dominant force, Net Ent’s claim to a near-third was astonishing.

It is such a bold claim that it deserves a closer look. The figure was qualified with a footnote, which explained that this figure was calculated by working out the gross gaming yield from Net Ent’s customers (around €755m) in relation to H2 Gambling Capital’s estimation of the size of the European online casino market in 2013 (around €2.4bn).

The gross win of Net Ent’s customers - a cool three-quarters of a billion Euros - will come as a shock to many. As Net Ent noted, the company has achieved this remarkable share despite a “relatively small share” of Europe’s largest market - the UK. So how much does it dominate the countries in which it is most visible?

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