Sportradar has signed a partnership with the organiser of Thailand’s top football league, the Thai Premier League Company, to monitor betting activity over the 2014/15 season.

The agreement will see Sportradar employ its Fraud Detection System (FDS) to watch for unusual betting patterns on all 380 games of the Toyota Thai Premier League season.

The agreement builds on the existing partnerships that Sportradar has in place with member organsiations of the Asian Football Confederation and Football Federation Australia.

Sportradar managing director of strategy and integrity Andreas Krannich commented that the AFC had recognised the Toyota Thai Premier League as a tier-one league in terms of commercial appeal and professional standards of play.

“It is encouraging that with this maturity comes a recognition of the importance of integrity,“ Krannich said. “The Toyota Thai Premier League is taking the front foot to ensure that its competition can be trusted and enjoyed by fans.“

“We are delighted that they in turn have trusted us to support their commitment and we look forward to working with them this year,“ he added.

The league’s president Ong-Arj Kosinkar said that the integrity of the competiton and its matches was “paramount.”

“We will not compromise on this. As we grow the popularity of this competition, it is important that we remain vigilant to dangers,“ Kosinkar continued. “This is why we immediately looked to Sportradar. Their Fraud Detection System is trusted by federations, leagues and sports around the world and their support and expertise will bolster our defences.“

“Sportradar will give us the inside track and that is invaluable as our league goes from strength to strength,” Kosinkar concluded.