Sports data provider Sportradar has renewed its partnership with UEFA to provide  European football’s governing body with information on betting patterns covering more than 30,000 matches across the continent for the next four years.

The new agreement runs until 2019 and will see Sportradar use UEFA’s Betting Fraud Detection System (BFDS) to monitor the top two professional football leagues of each of UEFA’s 54 member associations, as well as cup competitions.

The partnership also marks the first time that UEFA will use Sportradar’s Fraud Prevention Service e-learning tutorials. The tutorials will be rolled out to all teams participating in the men’s and woman’s Under-19 and Under-17 football tournaments in the next four years.

“For UEFA, the fight against match-fixing is a top priority because an attempt to fix a football match strikes right at the soul of our sport,” UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino said of the parntership.“We are aware via the UEFA Betting Fraud Detection System that 0.7 per cent of the 30,000+ matches monitored annually present some suspicion, but even one match is one too many.“

“Among the services available to tackle this menace, the UEFA Betting Fraud Detection System is simply the best monitoring solution, and this long-standing partnership will help us to continue being vigilant and effective in safeguarding our sport for future generations,“ Infantino added.

Sportradar chief executive Carsten Koerl said that having worked with UEFA over the past eight years, the organisation has helped refine its fraud detection and monitoring solutions to increase their effectiveness.

He said the renewal was a “real statement of intent“ on UEFA’s part, adding that he was proud that Sportradar was seen as beng able deter those looking to manipulate football results.

“By adding our e-learning tutorials to the services we provide to UEFA, we will be able to front some of UEFA’s key preventive measures, aimed in this case specifically at the most talented youngsters playing in Europe,“ Koerl added.