Continuing to reshape its online poker offering, Amaya’s Full Tilt has introduced a new Players Club rewards program, which together with its existing Edge program, will cater for the operator’s high-volume and recreational players.

Following the launch of the new rewards program, Full Tilt players will be able to choose between two distinct player rewards programs, the existing Edge program and the new Players Club, each of which has been designed to cater to high-volume players or recreational players respectively.

“Players Club is a new take on online poker loyalty programs,” said Dominic Mansour, managing director of Full Tilt. “Right now, the vast majority of players gain very little benefit from rewards schemes because they primarily reward the players that put in the most volume.

“We are breaking that mould to ensure that more players receive more rewards and more entertainment than ever before.”

All Full Tilt players will automatically be part of Players Club once the changes are introduced. It includes a new game, The Deal, which offers players a range of prizes, from tickets and cash all the way up to a progressive jackpot that will begin at $100,000.

“We’ve crafted the entire experience in such a way that if you’re an average player playing an average session, you’ll get a shot at that jackpot pretty much every single time you play,” said Mansour. “The creation of Players Club follows from our conviction that good things come to those who play.

“I truly believe that most people will love Players Club, as more players will now receive more rewards. We’re also giving those that play the most, the opportunity to switch back into an updated Edge rewards program if they prefer,” he said.

The new Edge program will have three tiers. Players will still collect Full Tilt Points as they play and cashback will be based on the number of points earned over 30 and 100 day rolling averages, with additional rewards also available to leaderboard winners.

As part of the operator’s overall strategy to distribute more loyalty dollars to recreational players, the base rate of cashback generated through Edge will be lowered, but Edge players will also be given the opportunity to boost their rewards by playing in certain games that offer bonuses for starting and sustaining the action.

“We believe our decision to make these changes is in the best interests of the game and our players, will set Full Tilt apart from the competition, and will ultimately help balance the poker ecosystem,” continued Mansour. “The changes introduced over the last month are based not only on our in-depth analysis of Full Tilt, our customers’ behaviour and the poker industry at large, but are part of our philosophy to keep poker fun, no matter where you’re playing or what stakes you’re wagering.”

Last month, Full Tilt moved to make its online poker games more attractive to new players with a major overhaul of its ring games, removing Heads Up tables and the ability for players to select their tables.