Sport Integrity Monitor (SportIM), Genius Sports Group’s solution for identifying betting-related corruption, will be used by the Romanian Football Federation to ensure the integrity of the country’s football league as part of its anti match-fixing initiatives.

The federation will work with SportIM experts and use its monitoring system to oversee betting activity on league matches, with the system incorporating live and historic betting data in order to identify unusual activity across the global betting market in real time.

Any anomalous pattern can then be investigated by the federation, helping it to quickly spot and stamp out attempts to corrupt Romanian football.

“Maintaining the integrity of our football competitions and preventing any potential incidences of match-fixing is a top priority for the Romanian Football Federation,” Federation president Răzvan Burleanu explained.

“The partnership with Sport Integrity Monitor is an extension to our wider education and prevention campaign, ‘Clean Football’,” he explained.

“These efforts clearly demonstrate our commitment to ensuring we do everything we can to secure a future in which players, fans and everyone involved in the sport are protected from any attempts of match-fixing.”

This integrity partnership is a vital component of the Romanian Football Federation’s anti match-fixing initiatives and reinforces a zero tolerance approach to betting-related corruption.

‘‘We are delighted to announce our integrity partnership with the Romanian Football Federation,” added SportIM and Genius Sports Group CEO Mark Locke.

“Throughout our dealings with the Federation, it has been clear that integrity and the prevention of match fixing is of central importance. We are looking forward to supporting the good work that is already under way and to deploying our specialist solutions to ensure that this progress continues.’’


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