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Videoslots chief executive officer Alexander Stevendahl won a place in this year’s Gaming Intelligence Hot 50 on the back of his innovative Battle of Slots, and as he explains, the innovation has only just begun.

Sometimes when you meet somebody new, you just realise they think a little bit differently to other people. Sometimes this can be a bad thing or a scary thing, but other times it is intriguing and maybe even inspiring.

When you talk to Videoslots CEO Alexander Stevendahl, you can almost see the wheels whirring round in his head as he computes the next move or runs you through the thinking that led to this or that feature. Frankly, you get the feeling that you might be in the presence of genius.

“Genius” is a phrase that is not bandied around much in the gaming world. Betfair Paddy Power’s Breon Corcoran is highly praised but probably more for clear-sighted, sensible strategy rather than genius. Likewise, Kenny Alexander at GVC. The person whose genius has most frequently been lauded is Isai Scheinberg and Stevendahl has quite a lot in common with the PokerStars founder.

Thus far, Stevendahl’s genius has manifested itself most obviously in Videoslots’ Battle of Slots feature. Many have tried the slots tournament format but nobody has pulled it off quite as successfully as Stevendahl and his colleagues.

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